Our Team


Carmen from Key To Health East Stroudsburg

Carmen is the smiling face that greets all patients who enter the office. Her warmth and the love she feels for each person she meets can be felt from the moment you step in the door. She has been part of Dr. Sandy’s team for 7 years. She had been a long-time chiropractic patient prior to that. She is a loving wife and wonderful mother to 3 sons. One of those sons heard the chiropractic message and went on to become a chiropractor himself. Born in Puerto Rico, she helps us to deliver the chiropractic message to the Spanish-speaking community. An interior designer by trade, Carmen is the brains behind all things creative in the office. Using those skills of organization, she is the front-desk office manager. Her energy and her bright personality help keep the front desk running smoothly at all times.


Dawn from Key to Health East Stroudsburg

Not only has Dawn been a long-time chiropractic patient, but she has also been a long-time chiropractic advocate. She is the type of person that goes out of her way to communicate the chiropractic message so that everyone she encounters can experience its benefits. She is by far one of the most generous and warm people that could have stepped into the office. As a mother of 3, and now also a loving grandmother, Dawn is used to giving love. She is our patient account manager, she deals with insurance and billing, and she is the marketing manager for the office. She is very involved with the community, attending various business meetings and setting up events wherever she feels the chiropractic message needs to be heard. Her main devotion in this office is to ensure that every single person she meets has heard the message and has had the opportunity to become a lifelong chiropractic patient.